Residential Carpet Cleaning

  • Deep clean without the chemicals 
  • Kill 99% of Bacteria and Viruses
  • Maintain your warranty

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Carpets are one of the


Germs, bacteria, allergens and pet urine can all accumulate in your carpet fibers and underlay. Simply vacuuming will not remove these hazards and can release them into the air. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned is the only way to remove them from your home. 

Steam cleaning kills 99% of bacteria and viruses. 

Did you know?

  • 90% of people admit to spilling food on the carpet and eating it.
  • 75% of people admit to walking on their carpet with outdoor shoes.
  • 70% to people admit to moving furniture to cover stains in their carpet. 

Protect your pets and kids


If there are children or pets in your home, it is even more important to make sure that your carpets are professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Young children often crawl around, play, and lets face it eat, on the floor.  Children can pick up germs from the dirt in carpets. They could also be in contact with allergens in the carpet. In the case of pets, there are two reasons to keep the carpets clean. Pets shed fur and dander, which will cling to the carpet fibers. It is also likely that there are accidents made on the floor and pet urine and feces can seep into the underlay and subfloor. Pets are closer to the floor they can pick up germs and get sick just like we do.

Carpets can hold


Carpets are a catch-all for dirt, with dust mites, pet hair, pet urine, dead skin cells, dust, insect feces, insect husks, bacteria, mold, volatile organic compounds, and many other types of allergens clinging to the fibers. For those who have environmental allergies, this can be a serious health issue. In fact, dirty carpets can lead to serious health problems in otherwise healthy people.

It is important that you clean your carpets regularly. While it is important to vacuum at least once or twice each week, this is just not enough. You also need to have your carpets professionally cleaned, to make sure that all of these allergens are removed from the carpet fibers. 

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We have 30 years of experience cleaning carpets and can help you get the best results possible. Say good bye to pet odour, stains, germs and dirt and hello to better air quality, improved look and feel as well as longer life for your carpets. 

Why have your carpets professionally cleaned?

Professional carpet cleaning companies offer expertise and advanced equipment that surpass what homeowners can achieve with rental units. These professionals are equipped to handle specialty situations like water damage, tough stains, and delicate fabrics, utilizing tools such as UV lights for spotting pet stains and specialized equipment for hot-water extraction, known as steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning, a form of hot-water soil extraction, penetrates carpets deeply, providing thorough cleaning not achievable with consumer-grade equipment. Technicians pre-treat carpets with a solution to loosen stains and dirt, followed by high-pressure hot water rinsing through a powerful hose system. The mixture is then vacuumed into a holding tank outside, leaving clean, damp carpets that dry within hours.

Carpet cleaning costs typically range from 20 to 35 cents per square foot. For a 1,000-square-foot carpeted area, this translates to $200 to $350. Additional services such as stair cleaning, area rug and upholstery cleaning, furniture moving, deodorizing, and disinfecting may incur extra charges.

Have you ever wondered why people bother hiring professional carpet cleaning companies when they can just rent a machine and do it themselves? The reality is that there’s a world of difference between what homeowners can accomplish with rental unit and what the pros can do with truck mount unit. Read on to learn about the tools carpet cleaning companies have at their disposal, plus everything you need to know about carpet cleaning cost, time, and maintenance.

Professional carpet cleaners have two advantages over homeowners trying to clean their own carpets: more expertise, and far more advanced equipment.

Pros know how to handle specialty situations, such as water damage, tough stains, and fabrics that need sensitive care.

They also have access to tools you won’t be able to rent at your local hardware store. This includes UV lights for spotting pet stains, but most importantly, it includes the expensive equipment necessary for performing hot-water extraction, also known as steam cleaning.

What is steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning is a form of hot-water soil extraction that cleans carpets far more thoroughly than consumer-grade surface-cleaning equipment can. Oddly enough, it doesn’t actually involve steam, but rather extremely hot water pumped through a powerful hose system that can flush out dirt at the carpet’s deepest level.

Here’s how it usually works:

Technicians pre-condition the carpet with a special solution that loosens stains and dirt. They may also agitate the carpet with a brush to increase the solution’s effectiveness.

Using a high-pressure hose hooked up to a truck outside, the techs then spray the carpet with extremely hot water, sometimes 200° or higher, rinsing away ground-in dirt and residue.

They immediately vacuum the mixture of water and solution into a holding tank and exhaust the dirty air out of your home, leaving behind nothing but clean, damp carpet that will dry in a matter of hours.

How much does carpet cleaning cost?

Carpet cleaning typically costs about 20 to 35 cents per square foot. That means that if your home has 1,000 square feet of carpet, you’ll pay between $200 and $350 for carpet cleaning (unless you’ve discovered some good carpet cleaning deals, of course). Services that cost extra might include:

  • Stair cleaning
  • Area rug and upholstery cleaning
  • Moving furniture
  • Deodorizing
  • Disinfecting

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We have 30 years of experience cleaning carpets and can help you get the best results possible. Say good bye to pet odour, stains, germs and dirt and hello to better air quality, improved look and feel as well as longer life for your carpets.